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Should I outsource my marketing?

Small and mid-sized businesses face a challenging business environment, making it essential to carefully manage budgets. While you should always handle some tasks in-house, there's a real upside to selectively outsourcing certain tasks. Save time and money by creatively using outsourcing services to drive success at your company. Outsourcing benefits the bottom line It's no…
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What marketing strategy is right for B2B marketing success?

The internet has drastically changed the marketing environment, leveling the playing field for small and mid-sized companies that serve other businesses. However, while the same types of tools are available to all businesses, not everyone can create an effective marketing campaign. Inbound and outbound marketing are both strategies that work well when they are used…
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Is your B2B marketing plan working?

According to Gartner, B2B companies need to take a different approach when it comes to their marketing efforts. They need to focus on each buyer's journey for them to get things right. How does that impact your B2B marketing plan? Marketing to businesses Marketing to other companies (B2B) is different from marketing to consumers (B2C).…
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How to successfully track marketing results

Launching a marketing campaign should achieve certain goals and objectives for your business. If you're not tracking or measuring anything, then you won't know whether your marketing plan is successful. Here are some tips on why measuring the performance of a campaign is important, along with different tracking methods. Reasons to track marketing Develop strategic…
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How much money to spend on marketing?

As marketing budgets leveled off last year, chief marketing officers (CMOs) still face several challenges ahead. Here are some tips on determining an annual marketing budget that works for you. How companies calculate a marketing budget Traditionally, most companies determine a total marketing budget as a percentage of total revenue. According to the Gartner for…
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