LinkedIn Lead Management

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LinkedIn Lead Management

Our strategy to LinkedIn marketing is custom-tailored to your business and your business’s prospects, current and ideal. We use LinkedIn as a platform for both advertising and lead nurturing. Have you identified companies that would greatly benefit from your company’s products and services? Does your company utilize web tracking tools and know the identities of potential clients curious about your company? How do you maintain contact with these leads in a professional, strategic manner? We believe LinkedIn is an overlooked lead management tool to help your business close more deals and gain new clients.

We’ll partner with your organization’s sales or marketing teams to implement a lead management solution within the LinkedIn platform. We can target the top decision-makers at companies your business desires to work with, as well as decision makers of current leads. Through your company’s LinkedIn profiles, we’ll arrange views, connections, messages, and interactions among your key players and your prospects. The demographic breakdown of LinkedIn is nearly 45% senior-level decision makers, logging into the platform daily. With over 65% of B2B companies marketing on LinkedIn having acquired customers through the platform, it’s undoubtedly a marketing approach to examine for your business.

Has your company purchased an email list in the past? Tried to create one? Launched an email marketing campaign? The process of curating an accurate and hyper-focused lead list is foreign to many of our clients, but this is such an integral part of outbound marketing. We have tools to build a lead list completely unique to your business with a variety of parameters including geographical area, company size, company revenue, employee count, years in business and more. The cornerstone of successful marketing is delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Your company’s audience is on LinkedIn waiting to consume your content, we’ll help you find them and deliver that message.

Our step by step LinkedIn lead management strategy involves:
  • 1Building a prospecting list for your company, for precise outbound marketing efforts

  • 2Monitoring your web traffic for new leads

  • 3Installing tracking tags to your website, for precise ad targeting and remarketing

  • 4Orchestrating connections, interactions, and messages with your company’s leads

  • 5Delivering relevant and specific content to your company’s prospects

  • 6Partnering with your business’s sales team to ensure those leads are cultivated

LinkedIn Lead Management

Linkedin is THE superior social media platform for B2B marketing and surprisingly doesn’t face the saturation of other B2B marketing strategies. If your business is interested in proactive lead generation or curious about the promise of LinkedIn marketing, reach out to our team for more information. We’ll provide your company with a free competitor analysis to uncover how this system of lead generation can help you systematically grow your business.

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