Lead Tracking

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Lead Tracking

If your company is consistently spending money on digital marketing, your business' sales team should have access to the leads your efforts are generating. Many companies begin marketing and spending time, effort, and resources to reach your target audience but lack the ability to track the results that your business achieves. Digital marketing is an undertaking that earns greater success as your campaigns mature and you shift your focus based on how you generate leads. Our tracking tools enable you to track and review your website traffic and leads so no lead is left untouched.

The lead tracking toolset we provide is referenced on a daily basis by most of our clients. We have heatmapping, call tracking and call recording options, and company identification tools. As your business spends more time & budget on marketing and lead generation efforts, your business needs to know which avenues are delivering the leads. Contact us for a demo on these tools and how our team uses this toolset for daily lead management!

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