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Drive Awareness With Display Ads

The Google Display network can provide your business with exposure to nearly 90% of internet users with an incredibly cost-effective price. The Google Display Network (GDN) doesn’t have the fiery competition and associated costs of running a search campaign. Even for B2B companies, display ads can help your company generate more leads. These campaign types in Google Ads and social media platforms have many targeting and placement features to present your ads where your target audience is present online.

My business already uses Google Search Ads, what’s the difference? The aim of Search Ads is to capture prospects with intent, a user already searching for the services your company offers. Display ads, on the other hand, showcase your business visually for a variety of reasons, most popularly for remarketing, rebranding, or awareness goals. The visual nature of display ads can help to convey your company’s culture or tell a story to support parallel marketing projects.

ads-have different purpose for each of their sizes.

Display ads are available in a variety of sizes, from banners and skyscrapers to GIFs and leaderboards. This arsenal of ad sizes and formats can especially benefit long sales cycles and your company’s brand awareness. In addition, display campaigns are a valuable lead nurturing tool- if your business’s prospects experience continued exposure to your company, research suggests this establishes a sense of trust and rapport.

Especially for businesses with an existing Google Search campaign, launching a Display Ad campaign can be a promising lead generation tactic. Extend your digital culture by harnessing the reach of the GDN and reach out to the team at W.O’Donnell Consulting today to plan your first campaign!

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