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How you stack up against your competition?

It is essential that every business know how their competitors are doing, especially when they share the same playing field. This is how you'll know if your marketing strategy needs to be adjusted or get the answer to the question "why am I not getting enough clients?" One of the key components to know how you stack up against your competitors is by checking your rankings in search engines.. As you know, the businesses that land on the first page of a search engine's result typically get the largest chunk of the market.

Why don't we try searching one of your services in Google, shall we? Go ahead and open up a new browser tab and head to Google. Now, type in the service your business provides and hit search. Do you see your business on the first page? If yes, that's awesome! But in most cases, the answer is no. Those links you see on the first page are your competitors. 90 percent of the time, clients who are looking for services are highly likely to choose the companies that appear on the first page. Why? Just like with a newspaper, you’re likely to follow and read the full article after reading a glimpse of it in the headline area. You get the idea, right?

Search engine ranking is just one of the effective ways to learn how you and your competitors compare to each other. To learn more, fill out the FREE Competitor Analysis form below and we will send you the report. It's absolutely free, with no strings attached.

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