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Content Creation

Your business is represented across the internet through the content your company and your partners create. Content is produced and consumed in a wide variety of mediums from keywords and infographics to images and videos. When a user spends time online viewing websites, social media channels, and opting into email subscriptions they are developing an opinion of your business through the content they experience. Many professionals dread the term content creation, believing it is excessively time-consuming and inadequately suited for lead generation. The key to effective content consists of not only developing subject matter useful to your company’s audience but also distributing this information through mediums your audience is using like social media and email.

Many business owners don’t realize an outdated website can be the culprit behind numerous harmful consequences to your business. Efforts like search engine optimization and Google Ads may be thwarted by outdated websites and lack of features central to user experience. Mobile-friendly websites, site speed, and site navigation play a huge impact on your web performance for users and search engines alike.

Content Marketing

Content marketing at the core is building a library of information addressing solutions to common pain points among your company’s target audience, for free. The secret behind great content is putting the needs of your potential clients ahead of your sales objectives. Content that offers valuable, helpful information is shared and respected among readers. The return on your company’s investment is trust and authority in your business and awareness of your services, ultimately resulting in project revenue and sales. It can even help boost your website’s SEO.

This is a valuable strategy worth considering to help achieve your company’s growth objectives in marketing. We can help your business create content that wins, and re-purpose this content to extend the reach your business receives. Learn more by talking with one of our marketing consultants. Or, complete a free competitor analysis- just tell us your company’s top 3 online competitors and we’ll do the rest.

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