Bing Ads Management

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Bing Ads Management

Bing advertising is similar to the more familiar Google Ads, simply on a different set of search engine placements with a few subtle targeting variations. If your company has experienced success running Google search ads, those same results will likely translate to Bing ads- and potentially with cost savings. Running search ads on Bing has significantly less competition and lower cost per click (CPC) rates. In the digital marketing industry, Bing searchers are believed to spend more time consuming content, are potentially a more affluent audience, and even possibly more likely to opt-in/engage with a lead magnet.

We can help your company create and manage a successful Bing ads campaign. This platform is worth considering as your business can reach a different audience than Google Ads or other forms of digital marketing. To learn more about how Bing ads can be integrated into your overarching marketing strategy, connect with our marketing team via phone or by completing a competitor analysis.

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