Digital Marketing for Managed Service Providers

Are you a managed services provider working to grow your business through digital marketing? We’re here with you in the trenches as we’re a long time, Manhattan-based IT company transitioning into the digital age. Our team has full awareness that in B2B technology marketing, we face a special set of challenges: difficulty ranking on search engines, sky-high CPCs in paid media, lackluster results on social media, and zero time to upkeep and analyze it all.

We offer proven multichannel MSP marketing strategies to ensure your managed IT services company can increase market share in the coming years.

The days of referral clients and owning the title of ‘the IT guy in town’ are long gone, MSPs now face a new age of competition in revenue generation. Simply enabling a digital marketing campaign doesn’t ensure quality leads will phone you- it takes research and strategy. Through trial and error over the last 10 years, we’ve identified the MSP marketing services that will not only get your business in front of leads- but get your business in front of QUALITY leads.

We know how to do it because we’ve been there. W. O’Donnell Consulting is one part MSP, one part marketing agency. Our owners are 25+ year veterans in the IT services industry. Our director of SEO built and grew an MSP of his own by utilizing digital marketing. We are FIRST an IT company, and second a marketing company.

We are both an MSP & an MSP marketing company

We aren’t like other MSP marketing companies that learned how to execute marketing, then moved away from the IT space to focus on selling MSP marketing services- that's a marketing company. The IT service division of our business is our bread and butter, the marketing division is secondary. We are active IT workers, doers, and thought leaders- trying to grow our MSP business along with you. We’re at the same dinner party, but we're the ones at the table talking MSP marketing.

We are well-versed with common marketing platforms and campaigns, BUT we know them inside and out from an IT perspective. We actively perform search engine optimization, Google Ads & Bing Ads, blogging, email marketing, website design, social media marketing, remarketing, and more for MSPs in the U.S. and beyond.

Here's where you should begin to market your Managed Services Company:

  1. The road to MSP marketing success begins with an assessment. Our company philosophy on MSP marketing is to understand where your company falls in line with your competitors prior to initiating any marketing efforts. We’ll talk the good, the bad, and the ugly prior to creating a unique strategy for your business. We aren’t a ‘campaign in a can’ MSP marketing company.
  2. After we gain visibility into your company’s marketing coverage, we unpack several different strategic options to support lead generation efforts. Typically these are multichannel MSP marketing services set to help prospects find your business plus, maximize your company’s exposure to them throughout the buying cycle.
  3. Once your company’s campaign has been launched, we integrate a set of tracking tools on your website. When the phone rings, we want you to know who is calling and how they found your business. Many of our current MSPs utilize these tools to gain visibility on campaign ROI.

Of all the verticals we work with, our passion and our persistence is digital marketing for managed service providers. The B2B information technology space is a challenging arena for quality lead generation, that’s why we’ve dedicated the last 10 years to unlock the strategies for success. Our team has consulted with over 300 managed service providers about their digital marketing efforts in the last 3 years. We have run the gamut of MSP marketing campaigns- from website SEO to social media efforts and back again in order to deliver results.

How we work with Managed Service Providers on their marketing

We partner with MSPs on their marketing efforts in three main forms:

  • Managed service providers who currently perform 100% of marketing related activities in-house but need support to diversify efforts or execute more technical campaigns.
  • Managed IT service providers who currently work with multiple marketing agencies, each managing different campaigns and recognize they need an MSP specific agency on their side. Not everyone is fluent in IT speak.
  • MSPs who don’t actively market their business in a digital format but are ready to gain market share in this new space.

Each of the above relationships has different inner workings and protocols, but all can be successful. Regardless of which category your business falls into, we’ll work with you to set goals that align with your lead generation strategy.

We recommend an annual health check on your website and your top competitors. We have coined this report a ‘competitor analysis’ and we complete hundreds of them each year. If you are an MSP seeking marketing advice on what to do next, or even wanting insight as to how your current efforts are shaping up- this competitor analysis is where to start. It’s 5 easy questions for you to answer that will generate a 30-50 page in-depth report on your site and your listed competition. The insights provided are invaluable and, in some cases, mind-blowing, frustrating, or indulgent revelations occur! There is a wealth of information available online and we have the toolkit to unlock and access it!

We are devoted to maintaining our position as an expert MSP marketing provider to support your company's growth and objectives. If you have questions about managed service provider marketing, we’ll be happy to talk through it with you.

We offer managed IT service provider marketing services to MSPs and IT companies worldwide. We know what drives ROI and delivers leads to your business. Look no further for an experienced MSP marketing company & agency offering superior MSP marketing services.

Complete a free competitor analysis to learn what your competitors are doing online or contact us directly with other MSP marketing inquiries!