Company Rebranding

Rebranding Your Business For Success

A brand is far more than a logo and a color scheme, it’s the overall feeling and experience consumers associate with a business. Many businesses elect to undertake a rebranding project to stay current, to reflect business growth or expansions, or promote new verticals or offerings.

We’ll work with your team through a rebranding project to ensure your company culture and voice are expressed appropriately. Think of this as a collaborative project- we’ll drive the project forward at times, and we’ll need your help to drive forward at other times. Our design team can cover every aspect of your company rebrand to create a cohesive image wherever your company is present, including social media profile themes, blog content, business cards, apparel, and company documents.

Rebranding your organization usually involves a new logo, website, and social media campaigning. Every company’s rebranding needs or goals are unique and we’ll work with your business to ensure we achieve success. Whether you have an existing vision, or you need help to kickstart your inspiration our W. O’Donnell marketing team can assist your business with a successful rebrand, from concept to launch. Start today by completing a free competitor analysis and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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