YouTube Ads

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YouTube Ads

We’ve all heard the statistics and watched our online feeds, blogs, and emails change- video content is easily consumable and highly captivating. A staggering amount of searches take place on YouTube daily, over 3 billion per month, making YouTube the second largest search engine. Users flock to YouTube every day for entertainment, education, and answers to troublesome questions. With over 1 billion+ hours of video consumed daily, this may, in fact, be a golden opportunity to showcase your business through outreach and remarketing.

Ad Formats

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YouTube Ads provide your business with flexibility as they are available in a variety of different formats and lengths, from a 6-second bumper ad to a 3-minute short film. Video advertising with YouTube enables your business to tell a story showcasing how your company’s goods and services can alleviate the pain points of new and potential clients. With a range of targeting and audience filtering features, YouTube ads are remarkably customizable and surprisingly affordable, as low as .05 per video view.

All your business needs to begin YouTube advertising is a Google Ads account and high-quality video content. Many SMBs and enterprises already have usable video content to repurpose into YouTube ads- our marketing team can take care of the rest. Let’s talk about how we can partner with your business to create a winning YouTube ad strategy!

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