LinkedIn Advertising

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LinkedIn Advertising

One of the largest segments of digital marketing today is social media marketing, with LinkedIn advertising the most favorable in the B2B sector. LinkedIn is the ideal platform to reach and connect with business professionals considering the services your business offers. You may be thinking I've tried social media marketing with no success, what makes LinkedIn advertising different? Your company's target audience is waiting to view your business advertisements on LinkedIn, at a strikingly lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC) than other social media sites.

LinkedIn has advanced targeting, audience data, and remarketing abilities to distribute your company’s message. If your company is already creating content for a blog or website, this can easily be repurposed and optimized for use in LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn ads expose your business to an educated and professional audience eager to consume content relevant to improving their businesses.

LinkedIn Ad Types

We recommend testing multiple LinkedIn ad types and styles to learn what drives results for the ROI your business needs. Display, sponsored content, and remarketing are successful ad types to begin your company’s LinkedIn advertising campaign. LinkedIn also has tools available to deepen your company’s lead generation marketing to create a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing solution. Start by contacting us or completing a free competitor analysis today!

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