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Logo Design

Your company’s logo is a strong visual mark, a combination of text and images, and the focal point of your business’s brand. Think about it, your business’s logo is the first impression most people have with your company. What message does your brand’s logo convey? Company logos are on all company web media, print media, and even in email signatures and business cards- how does your business’s logo represent your company?

Logo design calls for both practical and creative research and planning, your company can tap into the psychology of your target market to increase receptivity. Thousands of hours of research have gone into colors, shapes, images and textures and how these elements can change the mood and message of a logo. We have a proven design process to provide your company with a logo that truly resonates with your company’s brand and culture. The journey to a new company logo is a reflective and rewarding process!

Your company logo may be due for an update if it’s been over 10 years since it was last designed or refreshed, or if your business hasn’t spent dedicated energy and focus on all that encompasses a strong logo design. A new logo can incorporate familiar colors, symbols and imagery in order to retain your current clientele as well as intrigue new clients and remain competitive in your business’s market. As businesses consider developing a new logo and evaluate the design aesthetics of their overall brand culture, frequently a company rebrand is considered. We’ve helped clients sort through what their brands need for success- a website, a logo, a full rebrand, or consulting for marketing efforts. Let’s talk about how we can offer logo design services for your organization.

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