Hey Allan, just wanted you to know we closed our first managed services deal as a result of a web lead! You’ve officially paid for yourself twice over in just a few short months! And I can say without any doubt that we never would have been in front of this client any other way.


Hi Allan,

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we received a lead today. They are a Managed Service Provider in California that needed cabling ran for a property in Lake Worth, FL. They Googled “Lake Worth Cable Installer” and 5 links down (first 4 were ads) was our name. Just wanted to give you props for getting our name out there! Thank you for all of your hard work.



Just so you know, I really absolutely love the fact that you create pages for me. I feel like this is a huge disconnect with other SEO services I’ve worked with. I’m always the bottle neck. It is terrific that I can just tell you “here’s an area our site could have some better information” and then you work it in. It’s terrific. Thank you.


Chalk one up for the Marketing team… we had someone type in “Managed Services Pittsburgh” and found us a month or two ago via our website… called in randomly… today we converted them to a Managed Services client.