Is Your Marketing Failing You?

Is Your Marketing Failing You?

Is your marketing failing to drive leads and revenue? Are you spending heaps of money each and every month without the phone EVER ringing? Why do bad things happen to good people?

We've been highly experimental in our marketing endeavors- if we've heard of it, you can bet we've tried it. Bad news: most things don't work well in B2B, even strategies we've been over the moon excited for. Good news: What does work will continue to work, now and in the future!

Read on for our top 4 recommendations to assess your digital marketing.

Tip #1: Digital marketing requires time and consistency.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news but in B2B marketing, there isn't a strategy to crank out leads like turning on a water faucet. If it was out there, we would have found it.

What DOES work is a consistent, long-term strategy that your business maintains and monitors consistently. Marketing efforts in this sector compound over time, you have to think FORWARD. Where do you want your business to be this time next year? Long term approaches will grow your revenue.

Tip #2: More than analytics: Utilize website tracking tools

We've worked with over 150 MSPs on their digital marketing strategies and campaign executions. We noticed in our first year of partnering with MSPs on marketing efforts there was an informational data gap. The phone would ring for an MSP with a lead on the line and they would busy their team on setting a meeting and drafting a proposal. But how did that lead FIND your business? Which efforts work and which are a financial drain?

We enlist a custom set of website tracking tools to sort and identify the sources of incoming web traffic. After setting up and using these tools for several months we could quickly identify which platforms were beneficial and which we reconsidered.

When your business receives a new lead you MUST learn how they found you!

Tip #3: Align your goals with your campaigns.

Another idea to consider among marketing strategies is the end goal your business wants to achieve. Are your company's efforts solely focused on lead generation? Then a LinkedIn campaign probably isn't for you. Are you trying to solidify your business in a new service area or vertical market? An outbound display advertising push may be exactly what you need!

Some activities are spectacular for brand awareness, while others are better suited for lead generation. To grow revenue and generate leads, SEO is the ticket. Email marketing is an excellent channel for warm prospects already in the funnel. Social media platforms are great for tertiary goals like networking and brand building.

Your company's specific goals play a role in which marketing strategies to use; analyze your efforts and restructure as necessary.

Tip #4: Learn what delivers ROI.

Of everything we've tried, SEO has consistently delivered the highest ROI! Surprising? We think not- every day millions of consumers search on the internet for services their business needs. When your business has the power of Google on its side, the internet is your oyster.

The first 8 months were absolute crickets. We saw website traffic to our pages slowly increase but we didn't close a single deal. We started truly reaping the benefits just after the 1 year mark. The time and money it took us to optimize our site finally paid off and we've been hitting the SEO juice ever since.

Don't get discouraged if your business's digital marketing isn't delivering the leads you want. The B2B space is a highly competitive and confusing arena to attempt 'learn as you go' marketing.

  • Realize this is a long-term play, it may take up to 1 whole year to reap the benefits!
  • Utilize website tracking tools. There are a variety of affordable options to learn how your prospects found you.
  • Hone in on your end goal- Are you aiming for lead generation, brand awareness, or networking?
  • Think about your ROI. What are you spending money on and what is actually working?

Most importantly, don't give up! Whether your business handles your marketing in-house or you outsource to an agency, your business can't afford to miss out on the opportunities awarded through digital marketing!